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Gosphel Shield Life Sciences is a marketing division operating since 2023 from the cultural capital of Nagpur Maharashtra, also known as “Orange City” We boast of a strong market presence in the Northern & Western zone of India. These together help us to reach thousands of doctors and clinicians across India through dedicated sales team of medical representatives and distribution partners.

We cater Therapeutic segments like Infertility Management, Pregnancy & Lactation, Osteoarthritis Management, Pain & Inflammation Management, Pediatrics & Geriatrics Nutrition, Gastroenterology, Acute & Chronic Infection, Cough & Cold Management and Personal Hygiene range.


Gosphel Shield aspires to serve mankind with innovative and affordable healthcare solutions.


Gosphel Shield Strives to Achieve this Vision by:
* Committing to satisfy all stake-holders (employees or customers)
* Delivering to the needs of the end user (individuals or organizations)
* Constantly evolving and developing as per market requirements
* Committing towards the engagement of manpower
* Working in a healthy and friendly environment


Think Hard & Focus On The Patient's Well-Being


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Mental Health Solution

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